The International Federation of Endodontic Associations (IFEA) was formed in 1986. The main aims then were to promote fellowship amongst endodontists and dentists with an interest in endodontics, and their national endodontic associations, and to promote continuing education in endodontics throughout the world. IFEA is an international organization and membership is open to all national endodontic societies and associations in the world. Currently, there are approximately 40 country national endodontic associations enrolled as members as outlined in the Membership Roster. The Officers and Board of Directors of IFEA hope to eventually enrol the national endodontic society from every country in the world and thereby be truly representative of the interests of the profession on a global scale.

All national endodontic societies and associations are invited to join IFEA and to participate in the Federation’s regular activities. IFEA is an international body that is committed to promoting endodontic fellowship and education throughout the entire world. Close professional relationships between individuals and between national societies are greatly encouraged and can be achieved by joining IFEA. IFEA offers an opportunity for all organizations that are governed by a formal constitution and/or by-laws to voice an opinion and to guide endodontics throughout the world in a collective and unified manner. If your national endodontic society/association is not already a member of IFEA, then please join now! Applications for Membership can be obtained from the Secretary or downloaded from this web site.

Soure: http://www.ifeaendo.org/about-us/what-is-ifea/